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5 supplies you didn’t know you needed this winter

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Winter can pose some unique challenges for the truck-driving community. As temps drop and road conditions become less predictable, being prepared becomes more important. Here at NTB Trucking, we want our drivers to be as prepared as possible. Here’s a list of the 5 supplies you didn’t know you needed.

Half-full gas tank

We know this isn’t technically a tangible supply, but it is something that can be overlooked! Extreme winter conditions can cause you to be stopped for indeterminate amounts of time. In a 4-wheeler it's best to keep your tank half full to be able to maintain your heater running should you be stopped for an extended period of time. Many semi-tractors have fuel-efficient auxiliary heating units but keeping your tanks from getting too low can keep a bad situation turning worse.


De-icer can get you out of some pretty frustrating situations. When temperatures drastically drop and ice forms, the doors and windows of your truck can freeze during the night and become impossible to open. De-icer allows you to easily remove the ice without the risk of damaging your truck.

Ice scraper

No one likes driving with a dirty windshield. What’s even more frustrating? Cold winter mornings that’ve caused a layer of ice to form over your windshield. When you’ve got freight to haul and a route that you need to get to waiting for the ice to melt is a no go! Keeping a collapsible ice scraper in your cab can alleviate the stress of busy mornings and keep you right on schedule.

Emergency blanket

These blankets typically come in small packages (which means they don’t take up much space!), but can make quite the impact in cold weather situations. The heat-reflective sheeting on these blankets makes them especially effective for getting and keeping you warm! And, even if you don’t end up needing it, you may encounter a fellow truck driver who does. Storing one of these in your cab during the winter may save you or someone else from freezing temps.

Shelf stable food

It may be obvious to have food stored in your truck during the winter. However, having food that isn’t shelf stable can quickly become pointless once it passes its expiration date. Foods like canned soups and cup noodles are sure to last awhile on the shelf and, if you have access to a portable stove or microwave, will bring you some warmth if you get stuck in snowy conditions.

NTB Trucking believes that getting our drivers prepared sets them up for success on the road! Learn more about our regional run opportunities for CDL-A drivers today!