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5 Truck Driving Myths Debunked

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Throughout the years, the truck driving career path has unfortunately been prone to numerous myths and accusations that are simply not true.  

At NTB, we treat our drivers as family and as a result, experience an impressive retention rate.  Our drivers are valuable to us and we are sure to let them know this.

Here are 5 truck driving myths - debunked, with a perspective on how NTB approaches them.

1. It’s easy.
The art of truck driving involves knowledge of advanced computer systems, scheduling, and planning. Our drivers are required to obtain a CDL license and are thoroughly trained on all of the systems used to coordinate routes.

2. I’ll never see my family.
Family is important to all of us at NTB. Our routes are based in the midwest, with no East or West coast locations, and drivers are not away from home for more than 5 days at a time. You’ll enjoy the same 2 days home each week.

3. It won’t supply health and other benefits.
NTB has an exceptional medical plan at affordable rates for our employees and their families. We also offer dental, vision, supplemental Insurance, and a 401k Retirement Program with a 10% match.

4. It doesn’t pay well.
The average salary throughout the industry is over $41k. NTB recently implemented two separate pay raises and remains a highly competitive player. First year drivers at NTB average over $45k per year!

5. It’s only for men.
With the current shortage of available drivers, more and more women are seeing the benefits  of becoming truck drivers. Unlike other industries where there is sometimes an income disparity between genders, the pay structure in the trucking industries ensures fair and equal pay for both drivers.