Always Be Prepared When Cold Weather Driving

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Winter is officially in full swing, and with it, more snow, ice, and poor road conditions are coming. Besides making sure that your vehicle is prepared for colder weather (snow tires, antifreeze, working windshield wipers), you should also make sure that you’re adequately stocked up on personal necessities in case the worst happens.


You do not want to find yourself unprepared if your vehicle breaks down, you get stuck, or in an accident this winter, so make sure to have these four helpful items on hand and in your vehicle.


Portable Phone Charger

Nowadays, your smartphone is the ultimate lifeline, especially when you get in an accident or find yourself stranded on the side of the road in the winter. Ideally, you’ll want a charger that uses traditional batteries (and pack spares!) versus ones you need to remember to plug in and periodically charge.


Foldable Shovel

There’s no chance you’d lug a traditional shovel around in your vehicle, but a foldable, stowable one is something to definitely invest in. Easily store one of these helpful tools in your trunk or under a seat and you’ll be thankful you have it anytime your vehicle gets stuck or buried by snow.


Snow Salt

Keep salt in your trunk to provide your vehicle with traction or to melt ice and snow in slippery conditions, as it could mean the difference between dislodging your vehicle or needing to call and wait for additional assistance.



Though your phone has a flashlight, don’t rely on it in a pinch. Whether you’re jumping a vehicle, changing a tire, or you need to make yourself visible to other vehicles on the road, having a bright, durable flashlight is essential.


While there are certainly more items that could be added to this list of emergency gear, these four things are an absolute necessity when driving during unfavorable seasonal conditions. This winter and all year round, NTB Trucking reminds everyone to drive safely, be considerate of other travellers, and stop to offer a helping hand to others in need of assistance.