Be Kind to Your Truck During Wintertime

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Not only is winter cold and rough on you, it’s also pretty brutal to all those parts and pieces that keep trucks and drivers on the road. Just like packing gloves, hand warmers, and an extra coat helps you beat the cold, there are also things you can do to help your truck out too.

Avoid Frozen Fuel
During the winter, even your 10 hour break can potentially affect your truck’s fuel system. While NTB trucks are equipped with fuel tank heaters, fuel left in the fuel lines can freeze, thicken, and then gum things up when you try to accelerate. That’s why drivers are advised to startup and idle their truck for at least 15 minutes before officially putting things in gear.

Don’t Hard Start
Just like after your normal work breaks, your days off can also cause truck issues. For the sake of your truck, always remember to unplug all truck related accessories before taking extended time off, set your Bunk Heater timer to start the heater at least one hour before you return in order to get your truck ready to start, and as mentioned above, then let your engine idle before hitting the road.

Mind the Driving Conditions
Using caution is the biggest thing you can do to help both yourself and your truck out while driving in the winter. That’s why you should always check the weather before you hit the road, keep your windshield and mirrors clear of snow and ice (don't forget to check windshield washer fluid levels), and watch for changes in vehicle spray as this can signal that the road is starting to freeze.

While there are more ways to take care of your truck during winter conditions, this information is highly actionable and easy to remember. The bottom line is that NTB Trucking encourages all drivers to take care of their vehicles and be prepared for anything while driving in the winter.