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Careers in Trucking—What’s Stopping You?

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Monday, May 17, 2021

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If there is one positive thing that has come out of the past year's long rollercoaster ride, it is that trucking is no longer being taken for granted. With the industry being decades old, less attention was being paid to it because it became a banality in our daily lives. Many people had trouble understanding the scale and scope of everything this industry does for the economy or had never paid attention to it before. 


Even though in most states commercial truck drivers were exempt from nonessential business closures, the pandemic and stay-at-home orders brought disruptions that were unavoidable. Lack of on-site personnel to intercept pickup and deliveries resulted in delays with extended wait times, which inevitably clogged schedules and caused longer turnaround for freight. Not until people saw empty shelves in grocery stores, found they couldn’t buy their toilet paper, and were informed their two-day shipping perk was no longer guaranteed, did it click: the world depends on truck drivers. 

An Important Profession

In the Time Magazine article, “Driving the Economy: The Importance of Trucking” we are asked to consider what would happen if every truck was taken off the road. A shortage of perishable goods would occur in three days, within two to four weeks drinking water would disappear, ATMs would be empty in two to three days, and in 24 hours food supplies in hospitals would all be gone. Trucking moves 72% of all freight in America, where every business relies on deliveries to connect producers and consumers. The economy relies heavily on the movement of goods, making truck drivers indispensable. 

The demand for the industry extends to a demand for drivers. The trucking industry employs approximately 7.4 million people and makes up nearly 6% of all American full-time workers. Because of continuous growth within the trucking realm, driver shortages are at an all-time high. This means companies all over, including NTB, are heavily recruiting for new drivers, which makes becoming a driver a secure career path. 

Today, truck driving isn’t limited to who you are or what your background is. With 46% of driver positions occupied by women or minorities, with that number continuing to increase annually, the once heavily male-dominated industry is changing for more inclusivity. Driving jobs are also great for young people who are interested in getting their foot in the door to other opportunities within this field or even retirees who want a change of pace. Whoever it is, there will always be room for drivers to flourish. 

NTB Is the Place To Be

At NTB, we are dedicated to employing a community of hardworking people who are devoted to this industry. After graduating from a certified CDL school, CDL-A student truck drivers can start their training with us and hit the road in no time. During our 4-week training program, trainees are paid each day and have home time every 5 days. Once training is complete, drivers begin earning competitive pay, have regular home time hours, and are granted more great benefits. 

We continuously strive to break down barriers of entry for incoming drivers, which is why we offer tuition reimbursements for all of our apprentice drivers. Once training is complete, drivers will begin receiving a $5,000 reimbursement that’s paid out in weekly increments during their first year of employment. On top of that, employees are offered a generous insurance package at affordable rates for themselves and their families. Most notably, we offer a minimum of 48 hours of home time on the same days every week to make it easier to have a work and home life balance. The list of other amazing perks that are in place to accommodate our employees goes on, but our goal is to make sure everyone is given a fair chance at an amazing career. 


If you haven’t asked yourself what’s stopping you from checking out a career in trucking yet, now is the time! With all of the many benefits that come with working at NTB, job security, and a community filled with dedicated employees, it should be easy to make the choice to start your career today. 

If driving isn’t where your passion lies, NTB has many other career options available that don’t involve being on the road but still offer all the perks that come with working for us. We have a variety of open mechanic positions in Michigan and Ohio, as well as an open Wash Bay Attendant position at our Tipp City, Ohio location. By joining our team, you’ll be a part of a company that treats its employees fairly and maintains relationships with customers and partners to ensure satisfaction on both ends. Regardless of whatever path you choose, know that the world depends on NTB and the trucking industry. 


Ask About Our 2021 Pay Increase!

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