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CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week – July 12-18

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Monday, July 6, 2020


Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts Operation Safe Driver Week with an emphasis on one particular topic related to keeping America’s roads safe for everyone. This year, the focus is on speeding. 


Speeding in the Age of COVID

According to the CVSA, drivers going above the speed limit has become a big issue in the past several months, despite fewer vehicles on the road during the pandemic. The tagline on this year’s CVSA Postcard is “Late Won’t Kill You, Speeding Will.”


How Does the CVSA Conduct Operation Safe Driver Week?

Operation Safe Driver Week will be enacted by having increased patrol units on roadways all over North America for the week of July 12-18. Commercial and passenger vehicles alike will be the target of law enforcement in an effort to remind people with hefty fines that it's safer to get there a little late than to risk everything by speeding. 


In the past, the focus of Safe Driver Week has varied to enforce safe driving behaviors. From safe lane changes and driving without distractions to seat belt compliance and safe distance between vehicles, awareness is key. 


NTB’s Role for Safety On Midwest Roadways

For the drivers of NTB and for those looking into a career with NTB, stay aware of your speed. We hire safe drivers and a speeding ticket won’t look good on your driving record nor on your resumé. More citations are handed out during Safety Week, but be aware of your speed at all times. 


We also value you and while the results of a ticket will fade into your past relatively quickly, that is the least of the possible consequences of driving too fast. So, when you are feeling rushed at the end of your driving shift to make it to your drop off point, keep in mind that mishaps are much more likely to happen when you are hurrying. 



Stay safe out there! We are in the business of keeping the roads safe and easy to travel.


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