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Demand for Drivers on the Rise

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Why Is There a Rise In Demand Now?
A recent story on 9 and 10 News in Cadillac, Michigan highlights the need for more truck drivers. NTB’s Kurt Koster was interviewed for the story and here’s what he had to say:

“People through this pandemic have been buying stuff out of these stores like crazy so we have not slowed down. In fact, we've gotten busier through this pandemic mainly because we’re in the food industry.”

This sharp increase in demand has led to dozens of open positions at local trucking companies. Kurt goes on to say:
“I could use anywhere from 50-60 drivers today. If I had the drivers I could get the work, it’s not a problem of getting the work or getting the equipment, it’s getting the people to put in your trucks right now.”

Why Work for NTB?
There are lots of good reasons why a career with NTB is a smart choice. NTB is known for its service to its employees. In fact, it’s in their mission statement, which reads:

“To honor and glorify the Lord by being the best truckload carrier in our operating region through our service to our customers, employees and shareholders.”

One of the most compelling reasons to work for NTB over other trucking companies is their commitment to drivers that they are guaranteed the same two consecutive days off every week. Having a predictable schedule makes a career in truck driving compatible with having a life outside of the job.

NTB believes that family is important. So, in addition to guaranteeing consistent hometime, they also offer access to affordable insurance benefits including medical, dental, optical, and life, as well as a flexible spending account. Drivers also receive up to four weeks of paid time off, depending on the length of their employment. With a 10% company match into a 401(k), NTB’s benefits program helps their employees plan for retirement. 

NTB believes that a happy employee is a productive member of the team. Join our team today for a great career.

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