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Driver Highlight: James Shahadeh

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Monday, February 3, 2014

James is a brand new driver for NTB. With our expansion in Wisconsin and the increased need for drivers to service store deliveries, Wisconsin has been a strong focus for us. We’re happy to find drivers like James.

Before getting his CDL, James was a business owner. He had his own restaurant and was his own boss. As he saw the economy start to affect his business, he decided it was time to get out and enter a new career. That was when he chose to pursue a CDL.

James was just hired on at NTB this January. When asked what the biggest challenge has been, he didn’t hesitate to answer, “The weather!” He also said that he feels like it’s been more of a challenge for him since he has a “totally different background” and never worked as a driver before. “The main thing is just learning how to handle the truck by yourself.” James said he’s happy to receive at least four weeks of training before he has to drive his truck alone. “That gives you the confidence to be on your own. They help you get ready.”

James feels good about his choice to work for NTB. “I like the company, I like the people. They’re down-to-earth, good people.” The regular home time is also important to him. Like a lot of people, he enjoys the idea of being on his own. “I come from that background of being my own boss, so I like the freedom of going place to place.”

When he’s not driving, he likes to spend time socializing with family and friends. They do a lot of activities, play sports, and go to church. “We like to get involved with the community.”