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Driver Highlight: John Siebert

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

John has been driving a ‘big rig’ and other kinds of heavy machinery for nearly forty years. He was about sixteen when he started driving combines to help on his family farm in northwest Kansas. Of course now he is a truck driver with NTB, and has been a truck driver for many years.

John said he’s not sure if he likes driving because he’s good at it, or if he got good at it because he likes it, but it seems he’s always been in the driver’s seat. John enjoys the independence of being a truck driver and being out on the road where he can see the countryside.

John joined NTB ten years ago. He was drawn to the company’s mission and the way leadership follows it. “I’m convinced Godly leadership produces leaders that make businesses strong,” John noted. He appreciates NTB’s family focus and history of family leadership. The second thing that John said he enjoys most about working with NTB is the way that machinery is cared for. “Because I’ve been on the farm, I know what it means to take care of machinery. NTB has one of the strongest maintenance plans—maybe the strongest in the industry.”

John knows firsthand just how well NTB maintains their trucks. His truck was recently retired with over 2.4 million miles on it. “It had become a second home and I was glad to have it for the time it was available.” He’s getting used to a new truck now. He said that all trucks, even identical models, have their own personalities. “Every truck has a different feel.”

In his spare time, John spends time with his wife of thirty-two years, teaches Sunday School when he can, and loves woodworking. As for the future, he said he looks forward “if the Lord wills” to put as many miles on his new truck that he put on his old one.