Fun Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Kids

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

As a truck driver, you are committing to a job that is away from your family, friends, and other loved ones more than you would like. Although NTB does have an excellent guaranteed home time program, it is still especially difficult to be away from your kids. Here are some fun ways we came up with to stay in touch with your kids while on your hauls.

Leave Notes in Lunches

Write out a few notes in advance for your child’s lunch. A handwritten note is as personable as it gets, and your child will love the gesture. Not only will they look forward to the note in lunch while you are away, but it will feel like you are with them throughout the day.

Video Chat a Bedtime Story

With all of the advances of technology, FaceTime or Skype is an easy solution to checking in on your family while away. When you pull over for the night, or even on your scheduled breaks, call kids for a quick check-in and make their day.

Make a Countdown Calendar

Before you leave on your scheduled haul, sit down and make a countdown calendar with your kids! This is a great bonding activity to do together before you leave, and the best part is that they can physically count down the days until you return home.

Plan a Special Day Together

A great way to combat your kids feeling sad while you are away is to make your return that much more special! Before you leave for the road, plan a fun-filled day together for when you come back. They may miss you like crazy when you are gone, but will be even more excited to see you come home!

Try out a few of these methods on your next drive and let us know in the comments how they worked out for your family!

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