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Fun With CB Lingo

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Monday, September 2, 2019

When driving a rig for NTB, you won’t be driving through Beantown, but you might make a trip through Beer Town. We hope you don’t encounter a gator on the road, and that you know your route to fuel up with some go-go juice. You might even find yourself driving by an outdoor TV in some of these midwest towns. 


If you have a bear on your tail and he’s got the discos on, best to ease up on the hammer and give ‘em space to get by.

As you pass yardstick after yardstick, keep the greasy side down and drive right of the zipper.


Did you see that portable parking lot hanging out in the hammer lane?


Pull into the watering hole to rehydrate and hope you don’t get stuck behind a kiddie car in the fall, a salt shaker this winter, or Buster Brown in the spring with all those frequent stops. 


This is Little Red Hen, have a good day.


Over and out.


CB Lingo Decoded

Rig - Tractor and trailer

Beantown - Boston, while Beer Town - Milwaukee

Gator - tire tread on the road

Go-go juice - fuel

Outdoor TV - Drive-in theater

Bear - police officer

Discos - lights on a police car

Hammer - gas pedal

Yardstick - mile marker

Greasy side down - an upright truck

Zipper - dotted white line

Portable parking lot - car carrier

Hammer lane - passing lane

Watering hole - truck stop

Kiddie car - school bus

Salt shaker - salt truck

Buster Brown - UPS truck


Little Red Hen - my handle

Over and out - you know what this means


So, until next time, 10-4 and keep your eyes on the road!

We look forward to hearing from you:  apply to drive with NTB.