Giving Back This Holiday

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

In honor of Christmas yesterday, NTB would like to take this to time to stress the importance of giving back this holiday season.

This holiday season, we encourage everyone to give back somehow. Whether it is donating clothes, feeding the homeless, or even offering love or support to those in need, it will make a difference in someone’s life.

The holidays are a happy time for many people, but for some a remembrance of all they do not have. It is important to consider everyone’s situation this season, and understand that there are many people in need of basic necessities.

Giving back not only helps other, but it helps yourself. There is no better feeling than spreading kindness. Giving back can elevate your own mood, as well as bring joy to someone who has lost theirs for so long.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to give back:

  • Leave a kind note on a stranger's’ windshield.
  • Gather up old clothes and give them to a homeless shelter or Goodwill.
  • Buy someone’s lunch.
  • Bring toys to a children’s hospital.
  • Bring blankets, pet food, or toys to an animal shelter.

Make someone’s day, and give back this holiday season!