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Great Gifts for the Trucker in Your Life

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Monday, May 13, 2019

While people rarely turn down a gift, there are definitely certain things that make for better gifts than others. And when you’re buying a gift for the trucker in your life, you should consider purchasing something that they will both like and get regular use out of while on the road.


So that’s why we wanted to provide you with these helpful, affordable suggestions so you can get something that they’ll find both thoughtful and practical.


Set of Hand Tools

Nothing becomes more valuable than a set of hand tools when you’re out on the road and something decides to break. Providing a set means they’ll be better prepared for anything and everything that gets thrown at them.


Small Vacuum Cleaner

Everything gets dirty, it just happens. So to clean things up quickly and effectively, a small vacuum cleaner does just the trick. Look for a model that’s hand held, easily stored, and can be recharged while on the road.


Nice Thermos

For someone that enjoys their coffee, having a thermos is key to keeping their favorite drink warmer longer and is something they’ll use regularly. This gift not only reduces the waste generated by using disposable cups, it also means spending less on refills.


Polarized Sunglasses

While regular tinted sunglasses help cut down on overall brightness, polarized sunglasses help with brightness while also cutting down harsh glare. While glare doesn’t sound menacing at first, in certain instances it can affect depth perception and distort your view which is the last thing you want while behind the wheel.


While the list of potential gifts is long, the aforementioned suggestions are thoughtful, affordable, and practical, making them sure to be appreciated and well received. And if you’re really feeling generous, feel free to let your special someone know that NTB Trucking is hiring and offers great pay, competitive benefits, and more.