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Halloween from the Road

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Monday, October 28, 2019


With all the little ghosts and goblins out for treats on Halloween night, we at NTB thought we’d share a few thoughts with our favorite drivers. Because, even if you are on the road on Halloween night, you can still enjoy the fun of this holiday.


Dressing Up on the Road

Want to be a superhero? Wear a cape! Pick up an old school delivery cap and play up your role in the world of moving goods. A cape and a cap together would pair perfectly for Super Truck Driver! 


If dressing up as something else isn’t your gig, check out NTB’s new Corner Store and show off your company pride. From handy items like travel mugs to hold your hot apple cider, duffle bags to pack your costume or change of clothes, and backpacks to seriously stylish shirts, hoodies, and hats that will keep you warm as we head deep into autumn weather, you’ll find a ton of products sporting the NTB logo at really reasonable prices!


Handing Out Treats

Who doesn’t have fun passing out a sweet treat on Halloween? Having a pumpkin bag or cauldron pail full of candy to hand out at your stops will brighten anyone’s day, including your own. At each stop, bring that candy with you and hand it out freely. Maybe refrain from buying your favorite treat, or you might not have any left to hand out! 


Dress Up Your Cab

Halloween doesn’t have to stop at the doorstep. Make a skeleton your passenger or put a "beware of werewolf" sign in your window when you stop for a break!


Thrill Your Ears

Get in the spirit of Halloween by creating a music playlist with your favorite spooky music to get yourself in a ghoulish mood. 


A Quick Reminder to Keep Your Eyes Open

With all the fun of Halloween, there are also a few good reasons to be extra vigilant while driving on the night of ghouls.


Since kids will be running house to house, whether you are on the clock or out-and-about for leisure, be on the lookout for these little obstacles. While you won’t be doing a whole lot of neighborhood driving your route, it’s always a good idea to stay watchful as you are travelling in cities toward your final destination. 


It’s also important to beware of adult shenanigans. Keep in mind that on Halloween night (and the night before) there are likely to be people behind the wheel who shouldn’t be. Watch for them and keep others safe by reporting them when needed. 


Happy Halloween!
Whatever it is you do or don’t do on Halloween, have a spooktacular day!


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