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How CDL-A Drivers Can Cope with Angry Drivers

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

While road rage runs rampant on roads and highways and can lead to some pretty dangerous situations for professional drivers, there are several surefire ways you can avoid and deal with aggressive drivers. Here are five ways to keep your cool in the face of angry drivers.

Leave the situation

This should be your first strategy to handle a driver exhibiting signs of road rage effectively. While tensions are raised, and emotions are involved, it is imperative that you are able to disengage from the situation. Focus on giving the aggressive driver space, as you do not want to be around someone causing dangerous situations on the road. And always remember that getting home safe to your loved ones is what matters the most.

Keep the bigger picture in mind

Professional drivers are pretty used to unexpected things happening while they’re behind the wheel. And most have developed incredible ways of keeping a cool head. When someone on the road is flat-out aggressive, it can be easy to want to react. Remember the bigger picture and the truth that 10 minutes down the road, you probably won’t even remember the color of the aggressive car.

Defensive driving

Defensive driving techniques have saved professional drivers over and over again from unfortunate, possibly dangerous situations on the road. When you notice an overly aggressive driver, start employing your defensive driving skills, such as being ready to react to whatever may occur, being consistent with your turning signals, knowing your truck’s stopping distance, and, above all, focusing on the road ahead of you.

Turn on easy-going music

After encountering a driver experiencing road rage, it can be hard to calm down. Turning on some of your favorite relaxing music can help center you and get you into a clear-headed, calm headspace. You could even turn on your favorite podcast to help distract yourself from the situation!

Take a short break

Sometimes, dealing with aggressive drivers can be an anxiety-producing experience, especially if the driver is particularly aggressive. Pulling over in a safe place like a rest stop or gas station and letting the event's intensity cool down can put you in a better headspace for the rest of your journey.  Use the time to relax rather than mentally rehash the event over and over.  You could even treat yourself to your favorite snack or drink to help you shake off the encounter with road rage!

Embracing these 5 strategies will help professional drivers remain cool-headed on the road. Stay safe, stay calm, and stay in control. For more information on long-lasting, rewarding careers, connect with NTB today.