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How Online Shopping is Affecting the Trucking Industry

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Monday, February 24, 2020


Less than 30 years ago, if you wanted to buy a pair of jeans or Christmas gifts for your family, you needed to go to a store or order from a paper catalog. Today, just about anything you could possibly want can be purchased at the touch of a finger and delivered to your door the next day. Why are we stating the obvious? Because of the impact this type of consumerism has had on the trucking industry in a very short period of time. 


The Beginnings of Online Shopping

The first secure online experiences happened in 1994 and included the sale of Sting’s album Ten Summoner’s Tales (1). 


In 1995, soon after the very first online sale, Amazon began as an online bookstore and Ebay went into business as an easy way for individuals to sell used items auction-style. Just thinking about where those online retailers started, we can see how large an impact shopping online has had on our daily lives. 


It is predicted that by 2023 91% of the US population will shop online (2). Knowing how rapidly these online ecommerce stores have grown, this makes perfect sense!


Online Shopping and Increased Shipping Demands

Many people thought the introduction of online shopping could negatively affect the trucking industry by reducing the number of shipments to big box stores, but the reality is the complete opposite! For example, thanks to the introduction of services like Shipt, a personal shopping service based on same day delivery, brick and mortar stores have stayed in business by offering an online shopping experience directly from the store. 


The increase in online stores with promises of same-day or next-day home delivery means that big box stores and warehouses need to be stocked every day with every product under the sun. That’s where our truck drivers shine—delivering large shipments to the big box stores and warehouses. Now, when we choose those faster shipping options, the time frame can be met because everything in the order is located at a close, well-stocked location ready for that short trip to our homes!


A Need for Qualified Truck Drivers

The biggest challenge for the trucking industry created by the rapid growth of ecommerce is a need for qualified, CDL-A licensed drivers. It’s important to recognize this need for truck drivers isn’t just for the everyday driver—you have to be properly licensed to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road! A certified CDL-A licensed truck driver will have learned all of the technical skills for driving heavy and complex vehicles, like semi-trucks. 


NTB has worked hard to meet this rapid growth by offering choice employment for CDL-A drivers:


Home Time – NTB drivers are out five days and home the same two days every week. 48 hours minimum GUARANTEED!

Weekly Pay – Pay will be directly deposited into your current bank or credit union account each week.

Per Diem Program – NTB has implemented a Per Diem Program to help drivers compensate for road expenses. This program allows our drivers to reduce their taxes and increase their take home pay by $2,600.00 - $3,200.00 per year.

Life, Dental, Vision, and Medical Insurance with Flex Spending Program – NTB has an exceptional medical plan at affordable rates for our employees and their families. We also have optional Supplemental Insurance (AFLAC).

Retirement – NTB offers its drivers a 401(k) Retirement Program with a 10% match. Employees are eligible for the program after six months of service. Employees are 100% vested at enrollment.

Paid Time Off – Up to four weeks of PTO based on length of employment.

Tuition Reimbursement – NTB offers tuition reimbursement for all apprentice drivers (those who have just completed driver school and NTB training). Apprentice drivers will receive $5,000.00 in tuition reimbursement, paid out weekly during the first year.

We also do a Rider Program and a Safety Awards Program.



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