Important Weight Reminders for Drivers

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Weight is important when it comes to truck driving. We wanted to take a minute to remind our drivers about the importance of following weight, length, and bridge guidelines.

Before you leave a distribution center, your load needs to be weighed. Scales are available for use at all distribution centers. This step is a very important part of safety standards, and safety is our number one priority. Even if the load looks good on the gauge, doesn’t feel too heavy, or you’re in a hurry, be sure not to skip this step.

It is important not to run overweight. If there is not a scale at the customer’s facility, please weigh the load at the closest public scale possible. If you are overweight, notify dispatch immediately.

Why are we so concerned with overweight loads? Overweight loads cause extra wear and tear on trucks, result in lost time, and can lead to rework, transfers, or fines, which are the responsibility of the driver.

Thank you, drivers, for making sure to follow these and all weight guidelines. Thank you for making safety your top priority!