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International Roadcheck May 5-7, Now Postponed to a Later Date

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Monday, May 4, 2020


“International Roadcheck is a high-volume, high-visibility three-day enforcement initiative that highlights the importance of commercial motor vehicle safety through roadside inspections.”

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance


Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts the International Roadcheck, which is a 72 hour period with a targeted enforcement category intended to increase safety on the roads. The dates for this year’s Roadcheck had been slated for May 5-7, but due to concerns regarding COVID19, on March 25 the CVSA announced that it will postpone the annual International Roadcheck to later in the year, although specific dates have not yet been determined.


While drivers at NTB were all ready for inspections to take place this week, the delay will give us a bit more time to be completely certain we are prepared for the heightened scrutiny and to give you information about this year’s Roadcheck.


Focus of the 2020 International Roadcheck

Each year, a different category of commercial motor vehicle requirements is marked for inspection. This year, the focus will be on driver requirements. 


In 2019 28% of roadside inspections were reported to have had driver requirement violations. In an effort to reduce the number of violations in 2020 and following years, the CVSA Roadcheck will concentrate on driver credentials and fitness to drive. 


The annual Roadcheck will likely consist of a 37-step Level I Inspection and drivers should be prepared for each level.


How to Prepare for Inspections

International Roadcheck week is all about keeping the roads safe. It’s a good time to check and double check logs, vehicle maintenance, and one’s own level of physical and mental well-being and how it relates to driving for a living.


In addition to the usual vehicle inspection, each driver should be prepared personally to pass all inspections. As with any roadside inspection, you need to have all applicable licenses, certificates, and endorsements on hand and in order. Log books and records need to be up to date and compliant. You will also need to make sure you are well rested, that you are not ill, and that you are always using your seatbelt. While all of the items listed go without’s all worth saying again.



The goal is for every truck and every driver to pass inspections. At NTB, we take pride in knowing that our fleet and drivers are ready.


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