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Like the Difference Between Night and Day

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Monday, November 2, 2020


NTB Trucking has a new initiative starting in Lansing, Michigan—shared truck full-time positions. NTB has purchased new day cab tractors which will run as 12 on/12 off operations—two drivers per truck. These assignments, available immediately, will be 12-hour shifts with hometime every day. As is NTB’s guarantee for all drivers, these positions are five consecutive days followed by the same two days off every week. The night shift is already filled, so if you enjoy driving during the day, this is a great opportunity for you! 


About Day Cab Tractors

Most of NTB’s fleet consists of sleeper cabs and most drivers are out five days of the week with two consistent and consecutive days of hometime. With the addition of our new day cab tractors, we now have opportunities for daily hometime. 


Day cab tractors have a smaller cab with a rear window, which sleeper cabs don’t have. While a day cab driver won’t have as much room for items in the cab, they also will be home every day, which means they won’t need clothing changes nor as many meals on the road. 


The benefit of acquiring day cab tractors for NTB is that they will almost always be on the road with very little downtime. This is a great use of resources for us as a company. A truck that has fewer idle hours is money well spent. 


The Driving Difference

While not all truck drivers want to be home every day, the benefits of 12-hour shifts for those who do are invaluable.


Whereas sleeper cab drivers have 14 hours to complete 11 hours of driving, day cab drivers will have 12 hours to complete 11 hours of driving. The 30 minute off-duty break required by the 8th hour of each shift still applies for day cab drivers. This being said, all schedules are subject to the availability of driver runs set by NTB’s dispatchers. 


For an individual who wants to drive a truck for a career, but doesn’t sleep well away from home, these positions can be a really good fit. With off-duty time of 12 hours every day, you’ll be able to sleep at home, have a few hours to get chores completed, and enjoy time with family before heading back out on the road. 


Since home base will always be your last stop of the day, routes for day cab trucks and drivers will stay closer to home. This can be a convenience for a driver who has family commitments or simply wants to stay within a 5-6 hour radius from home. 


The Benefits

All full-time NTB drivers have a great benefits package. From access to medical, dental, life, and vision insurance to tuition reimbursement of up to $5000 paid out throughout the first year of employment for drivers who recently graduated from a truck driving school, NTB cares about their drivers. Both day cab drivers and OTR drivers receive NTB benefits—holiday incentive, weekend incentive of 6 cpm, and more.



NTB is hiring now at its Lansing, Michigan terminal for day cab, 12 on/12 off drivers! 


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