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NTB Driver Highlight: Terri Kerr

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Truck driving has been a life-long dream for Terri. A mother of three, Terri has been with NTB for just over a year. She always wanted to drive a truck because she traveled a lot when she was a child, seeing the world with her father. Those fond memories and the freedom of traveling make this a great fit for Terri.

Terri likes working for NTB because here, she’s called by name. “You are not a number,” Terri said. “Everyone I’ve met through the company is very nice,” and “you never hear any cussing.” She likes that there isn’t downtime, and drivers are able to keep busy.

There are challenges to doing well in this career, however. You have to be dedicated. Terri’s advice for someone considering becoming a truck driver is to “have it in their heart to always be a safe driver.” You have to love “being on the road and traveling,” but safety is key. Traffic, the obstacles around you, and finding destinations can be challenging. “Go slow and steady and be aware of your surroundings—it’s better than if you are in a hurry. Go a nice and easy pace,” Terri advises. This makes the roads safer for everyone.

The thing that Terri likes most is being out on the road making deliveries, and working with local companies like Meijer. Like a lot of drivers at NTB, Terri likes that she works the same days each week, and can be home each week. “They have you home the same two days every week so you are able to schedule appointments and family time,” which is important to Terri, to be there for her three kids.

“If you want to be in a company that’s more relaxed and have the same days home each week, this is the company.”

When she’s not working, Terri enjoys the great outdoors with her family—three children and nine grandchildren. She likes to hunt and fish, and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.