Over the Road Driver Pay Adjustment

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Truck driving can be a challenging job. Drivers often put in long hours and spend nights away from their families just to make sure their freight is delivered on time. The focus that it takes for drivers to safely navigate city roads and busy highways is just one of the special skills that are needed to be a great driver. Driving long distances and spending nights away from home is the easiest way to move freight efficiently, which is why so many of our drivers work full-time over the road and do everything they can to be safe and productive. Because this isn’t an easy job, but is necessary to commerce, the occupation is very in-demand. As the need for qualified truck drivers continues to increase, we’re happy to announce a pay raise for NTB drivers.

Effective beginning 6/26/2014, all over the road NTB drivers will see an increase of four cents ($0.04) per mile above their current per mile rate.

Drivers in the following categories will receive the four cent per mile increase:

  • NTB semi truckOver the Road: Drivers that work five days and driver over the road, sleeping in their tractor between shifts most days.
  • Apprentice: Drivers that came through NTB’s training program, work five days, drive over the road, and sleep in their tractor between shifts most days.
  • Part Time Over the Road: Drivers that work multiple consecutive days and drive over the road, sleeping in a tractor between shifts.

Along with the pay increase, NTB will continue to offer practical mileage pay from driveway to driveway, two consecutive days home per week, per diem, detention pay, safety bonuses, referral bonuses, short haul premium pay, profit sharing, weekend premium pay, tuition reimbursement and complete medical benefits.

Thank you to all of our drivers who work hard, treat others with respect, and uphold the NTB values. We’re happy to have you all in the NTB family, and we look forward to much more growth and prosperity as we move forward.