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Paid Personalized Training

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Monday, August 20, 2018

At NTB, we want our new drivers to feel comfortable in their truck and on the road. It can be stressful for first time drivers to get up to speed. However, NTB knows this and works hard to help you become proficient in the skills you need to drive confidently. Our experienced trainers start from your current skill level, and work with you until the training is complete.

All NTB trainers have completed a proprietary training course, so they understand the scope of training and may better serve your needs.  NTB trainers and trainees do not run as teams. During your training time, your trainer will be sitting next to you helping you to develop the skills needed to drive safely and to make money.  Other companies may throw you and another trainee together as "co-trainers" or, more likely, will have you and your trainer run as a team which means while you're driving, your trainer is in the bunk sleeping.  Not much training going on there!

NTB also realizes that time is money. Training takes time but is a necessary step in becoming a valued member of the team. We value our training program and the level of quality it instills in our drivers. Thus, every new driver is compensated for their training period. If you are a recent CDL graduate and are interested in joining a company with a focused, personalized training program, NTB is hiring. Visit our website for more information and apply today.