Preparing for the Future – Episode III

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

“Software, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the people group NTB. Their continuing mission: to install strange new software, to seek out new solutions and efficiencies, to boldly go where no NTB employee has gone before.” Captain Henry D Schwarz

Good day everyone, the mission toward our new software future took some large steps forward last week. There will still be many more weeks of steps forward, but here are two key areas we accomplished last week.

  1. Three Key Users successfully completed their McLeod LoadMaster Software Foundations Training course. This was a four day intensive classroom training. Good job gentlemen.
  • A Key User is defined as a person who will be instrumental in coordinating the development of various areas of the LoadMaster Software

       2. Our new Optimization Software was loaded.

  • This is the software that helps the Operations Department make the best decisions possible in the coordinating of Customers, Drivers, Tractors, Trailers and Loads. The amount of data that is necessary to make good decisions in planning is mind blowing. This tool helps them sort it out to achieve the most efficient logistics plan possible.
  • The Company we are working with for this software is called Manhattan Associates. We have purchased two functional software packages from them. The first is Driver & Load and the second is Drop & Swap. Some of the benefits of these programs include the following:
    • They are fully integrated with the McLeod LoadMaster Software.
    • They assist in decreasing dwell time and deadhead miles
    • They pinpoint opportunities to maximize driver loads per day
    • They identify additional capacity to manage last-minute customer demands
    • They increase driver utilization by swapping drivers off unproductive loads
    • En-Route Assignment (ERA) to identify opportunities to swap loads
    • Manage regional driver fleets
    • Optimize our entire fleet

Well, enough for this week. Just remember what that famous Space Traveler Jean-Luk Picard would say in encouragement as we move our project forward, “Engage”!