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Respect for Women Truck Drivers

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Monday, May 18, 2020


At NTB, we recognize that being female in a male-dominated career isn’t always easy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 6.7% of truck drivers are female in 2020. The choice to work as a truck driver is one that isn’t taken lightly, especially by women, and we respect and appreciate those who choose this career path. 


Is a Career in Trucking Safe for a Woman?

The response from family and friends when a woman decides on a career in trucking can vary depending on their notions of safety on the road for solo female drivers. While many will support the choice, others, out of concern for their loved ones, will be more cautious and research how safe it is for a woman who is on the road and sleeping alone in a truck. While the concern is valid, the reality is that truck drivers tend to take care of each other. Simple safety tips like making sure you park your rig around other trucks and taking other precautionary measures when taking mandatory breaks for sleep can help keep you safe, as a man or a woman.


Seek Out Other Women In the Industry

There are a few resources available specifically for female truck drivers that can help you navigate the world of being on the road. Women In Trucking is one where you can find good information and support from other female drivers.


Having a good mentor or two is good for anyone in any career and that is no different for truck drivers. Compile a list of women you can go to who know the industry and can offer support when you have questions or concerns. NTB has women on board as drivers, office staff, and recruiters who can help answer questions you may have specific to your unique position in a trucking company. 


On Being a Woman Driver

Women should expect to be treated with respect and with neither prejudice nor special accommodations. Maneuvering a big rig with competence is empowering and is a skill that translates across genders. Women have paved the way for society in many fields, including in truck driving!


NTB’s pay is based on experience and miles driven, not gender, so women looking for a company that promises equal pay for equal work need look no further. With the benefits NTB offers to its drivers, this career can be a really good fit for everyone, regardless of gender!


To get an idea of what this career can look like for a woman, check out this honest article on CNBC of one woman’s journey as a truck driver. The benefits may really be worth it, regardless of challenges.



While there may not be a lot of female drivers still today, the industry has seen an uptick in the number of women choosing the profession. There are certainly challenges to being a woman in a field populated mostly by men, but this is actually a great time to get into it. Demand is high and a shift in societal views has improved opportunities. Many women will find the pros outweigh any cons and discover that the security, pay, and flexibility of a driving position is a perfect fit for them. NTB welcomes all female recruits, so if you’re a self-motivated woman and feel drawn to the road, take the leap: apply to drive with NTB! 

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