Staying Centered

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Monday, July 2, 2018

The art of truck driving is not easily mastered. A seemingly simple skill, such as staying in your lane, is complex and takes experience. NTB knows this and does our best to provide the tips and tricks you need to drive your best. Read our thoughts on how to master the task of staying centered on the road.


Use Your Mirrors

Remember to constantly check your mirrors. NTB tractors have mirrors mounted on the fenders, these mirrors are the best to check when monitoring how centered your truck is. Fender mirrors are also the best way to check your blind spots when changing lanes. If you can see the lane lines in all front fender mirrors, then you are all set.


Consider Curves

Curves are tricky and should be treated differently. When you are in a tight curve to the right, you will want to stay to the left side of your lane. When you are in a tight curve to the left, you will want to stay to the right side of your lane. This will help keep the trailer in your lane. While you should always watch your trailer, this is even more important on curves to make sure you’re where you want to be.


Know Your Truck

After driving for a while, you will start to learn where certain parts of your truck should be in consideration to yourself and the road. If you learn where the hood of your truck appears relative to the road when you're centered, then knowing when you’re centered in the lane and staying there will be easier.


Remember Narrow Lanes and Passing

If you aren’t already cautious about passing other trucks in tight quarters, you should be. It is important to be aware of other trucks on the road as well as yourself. When you or another truck attempts to pass and the road is too narrow, your side mirror could take a hit. While there isn’t much you can do about it, be proactive. Know these situations can happen and stay aware—check to see what room you have to move over and leave space to get around.


Know When It’s Not Possible

Sometimes a curve is too narrow to keep the trailer in the lane and there isn’t much you can do about it. With that being said, watch for traffic, slow down, put your flashers on, and stop until you can make the curve without infringing on the traffic. Take a deep breath and know that the vehicles behind you will have to wait. It is not worth the risk of receiving a ticket, causing an accident, or getting fired.


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