Thanksgiving - We Give Thanks to Those Who Make NTB Trucking Who We Are

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Monday, November 25, 2019


At NTB Trucking we always appreciate those who make us who we are. This week, it seems appropriate to take a moment to shout out to the world how much we value each and every one of our employees. 


It takes many people working individually and together to make our part in the trucking industry productive and efficient. Like a well-oiled machine, NTB Trucking has the right people in place to keep the tank full and move freight efficiently and effectively.



It’s always the right time to thank our operations team! You keep our drivers punctual, which is not only appreciated by our staff, but also by our customers! You make sure all schedules run like clockwork and create a seamless plan for our drivers. We thank you for your impeccable approach to time management.



To our community of drivers who keep the wheels rolling: thank you for getting us there on brutally hot days and through ice and snow. We appreciate your willingness to find a balance between your personal life and your career as a regional truck driver. 


Mechanics and Wash Bay Attendants

To our mechanics and wash bay attendants: your hard work behind the scenes allows us to run full-steam ahead. With your skillset and attention to detail, you keep us on the road and looking good! Thank you for your tried and true work.


Office Staff

Thank you to those who keep the gears greased and moving from billing to payroll and everything in between. You are the minds and hands that ensure we have a tomorrow. Thank you for your individual roles that keep the oil flowing through the valves of NTB.  



There is a lot of human power involved in moving freight in the Midwest. Our shed is full of the sharpest tools and we are proud to have every single one of you on our team. NTB would not be a successful trucking company without all of its employees. To our work family—we give you thanks.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at NTB!


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