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The Love of The Open Road

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Monday, March 20, 2017

While truck driving may not be a career for everyone, one of the best things about driving a truck is the relationship with the open road.

Some may not like being on the road so much, but for many truck drivers, that is their favorite part of the job. The open road provides a space that is great for solitude and thinking. Driving from point A to point B can often clear one’s head and give some perspective on things.

In addition to a change in mindset, the road is a different experience from a traditional office job. Some drivers joke that their “office window” changes every second. From city to city, drivers experience different scenery and surroundings. While some trips may be more exciting than others, it is still remarkable all of the places truck drivers go while on the job.

It is up to each truck driver how they want to spend their time while on the job, whether it is chatting with fellow drivers on the radio, listening to music, or enjoying the quiet and taking in their surroundings.

What is one of your favorite things about being on the road?