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The Top 5 Things Truck Drivers Love About Their Job

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Monday, September 13, 2021

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We might be biased, but we believe that truck driving is one of the best careers out there. Our country relies heavily on the trucking industry to keep the economy going and delivering all kinds of goods to where they need to go. Driving a truck isn’t the easiest career, but it’s also incredibly rewarding and can be quite fun too. Don’t just take our word for it - read below to see what truck drivers love most about the trucking life. 

1. The View

Truck drivers get a front row seat to see the country. There’s no other job that will take you all over the country to some of America’s most beautiful places. If you love to travel and find new adventures, then trucking is certainly the career for you. At NTB, our drivers get a unique opportunity to explore America’s Heartland - the Midwest. 

2. The Freedom

When you’re a truck driver, you’re able to have ownership over your career. While there is help for those who request it, no one is sitting in the seat beside you telling you how to do your job. Those who choose to manage their day and communicate well will have greater success.   

3. The Challenge

Standard 8-5 jobs are often repetitious and monotonous. As a truck driver, no two days are ever the same. Traveling to different destinations, hauling a variety of cargo, encountering different weather conditions, meeting new people and experiencing the unpredictability of other drivers on the road - all of these are exciting challenges that are unique to this career. 

4. The Community

Once you’ve been a truck driver for a while, you’ll notice that the trucking industry is a community full of people who support one another, whether you’re just passing through or you’ve been working together for years. This career will give you the opportunity to meet new people every day and connect with those you see regularly. At NTB, we’ve worked hard to create a family atmosphere where our drivers feel valued and respected. Because we focus on regional runs, our drivers have many opportunities to build lasting relationships with customers and partners. 

5. The Opportunities

The transportation industry offers many different opportunities. Pay typically increases the longer you’re with a company and the more experience you have. But there are other considerations when looking at a truck driving career. On top of detention and breakdown pay, NTB offers additional opportunities to increase your pay by meeting safety and production goals and taking advantage of premium weekend rates. You can also add to your income by having your HazMat and tanker certifications.  There are also pay boosts for becoming a driver trainer. 

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