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Tips for High-Hooking a Trailer and Dropping a Trailer after Coupling

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Monday, May 5, 2014

High-Hooking a Trailer and Dropping a Trailer after Coupling are two situations that need extra care and attention in order to avoid damage to your vehicle or the trailer. There are some simple steps that drivers can follow to make sure that they are following proper procedure for each situation.

Let’s review a few steps that will help prevent issues:

  1. Back up to the trailer and stop when the 5th wheel is at the front of the trailer.
  2. Get out of the tractor and check the height of the trailer in relation to the 5th wheel and make any adjustments that are necessary.
  3. Back under the trailer until the 5th wheel engages the king pin. Do a pull test.
  4. Get out and visually verify that the 5th wheel has properly locked around the king pin. The release handle is in the locked position—there is no gap between the 5th wheel and the king pin plate on the trailer. Be sure the adjusting bolt on the front of the 5th wheel is all the way in. (Not all 5th wheels have this feature.)
  5. Hook up your air and electric lines, then crank up your landing gear.
  6. Charge the trailer brakes so you can check for air leaks. Then walk around and inspect the trailer.

When you are ready to leave, start out slowly and gently—pull down on the hand valve to ensure that the trailer service brakes are working.

Remember, it is your responsibility to follow the correct procedures. Thank you for taking your time and following these steps!