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Transitioning to Spring Driving

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Monday, March 22, 2021


We have just officially transitioned into spring with the equinox on March 20. What does that mean for NTB drivers in the Midwest? Your guess may be just as good as the next weather forecast. We could see clear skies with high temperatures of 60°F during the day and lows in the 20s with freezing rain at night. That’s just how finicky the weather can be this time of year. 


Preparing for Whatever Nature Sends

We aren’t yet out of the woods for a snowstorm, and if we get one the snow will likely be wet, heavy, and gone within a few days. The chances for slick roads—especially at night—are pretty high right now. So, how does one prepare when the weather is so volatile?


Choose a good weather app. In spite of the comment above about forecasts, using an accurate weather app on your mobile device can help you plan your next drive. We looked around and found a good article on the Popular Science website with weather app recommendations. Their number one choice is Accuweather, which can be downloaded to just about any mobile device you use. 


The National Weather Service has an app that is primarily a radar map. You can also download their Stormshield App for alerts sent to your phone when severe weather is a threat. 


The Farmer’s Almanac offers some longer-term insight with a high-level forecast for the Great Lakes Region for the rest of March and all of April. To make it even more accessible, they’ve got an app for that.


Don’t put away those winter necessities quite yet. Keep that bag or bucket of salt, gravel, or kitty litter in the cab for just a bit longer. You still may need the melting capabilities and traction they provide. 


Gloves—check. Winter hat and coat—check. They’ll likely be required less and less as we move further into spring, but you wouldn’t want to be caught without them when needed. Think of it a bit like when you will be planting your garden—wait until the last frost to store those winter items. 


Warm Weather Is on Its Way

Soon spring will be in full bloom with displays of the beauty of an awakening world. The deliveries of necessary goods will become easier in many ways as the roads are clear of snow and ice. While we may experience some warm days in early spring, the heat of summer will be upon us soon enough, so enjoy the cooler nights while you can.


In the meantime, remember to slow down when you suspect the road may be getting icy or if snow begins to fall. A particularly warm day followed by a steep temperature drop is the perfect recipe for black ice, as dew will quickly freeze. Maintain more distance than you think you’ll need while traveling to your next drop-off.

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