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Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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Monday, September 12, 2016

As we move forward into the fall, celebrating Truck Driver Appreciation Week, it’s important to remember that appreciation for the people who drive our economy should last all year and not be confined to one week in September.

Most sources cite that over 70% of goods in the US are shipped by truck, and an additional percentage is shipped by trucks as well as other methods along the way. The numbers are unfathomable, and the work that drivers do is not easy. Day and night, rain, shine, or otherwise, truck drivers are getting things where they need to go.

Brian Straight, a writer on the Fleet Owner blog, has a great post about how much he’s learned regarding the trucking industry, and why everyone should thank a truck driver today.

“In some respects, truck drivers are similar to mothers. We never really appreciate them until they are gone. Take a trucker off the road and you will find it hard to get that meal at McDonald’s, or that shirt at Macy’s. And you’ll never be able to fill up your car with gas just so you can go joy riding with friends. Truckers make those things, and so many more, happen every day.”

Read the full story at Fleet Owner.

Thank you to everyone on our team for your hard work and dedication!