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Valentine’s Day is Coming, Ways to Stay Connected from the Road

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Monday, February 8, 2021


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but there is still time to make it special—even when you can’t be there. It happens to the best of plan to get around to doing something nice for the person you care most about in your life, but then Valentine’s Day comes and goes just like any other day.


Well, here’s your reminder while you still have a chance to make it count. Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday, so you can start planning now with the inspiration we offer below.


It’s pretty likely that, as a truck driver, you’ll be away from home and your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. There are a few things you can do to make it special even if you can’t be there.


Reschedule Valentine’s Day

Plan a special dinner on a night when you will be home, whether it’s Valentine’s or a different day. Does your significant other usually prepare all of the meals? Switch it up and return the favor. A good meal doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some delicious ideas he or she will love!


If cooking is your thing, it might be a night to splurge and make a favorite dish or something new that you and your significant other would really enjoy. If you haven’t made homemade gnocchi before, this might be a great time to give it a try. This highly rated Brown Butter and Sage Gnocchi Recipe on the Food Network website is a good start to a great meal. To go a bit simpler, you can also purchase ready-to-cook gnocchi at your favorite grocery store and make the sauce from the recipe above. Gnocchi goes great with a spring greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette and a grilled steak. Is your mouth watering yet?


No time to cook? Order take-out from a favorite restaurant. Since many restaurants have been closed for dining in, the options for carryout have increased, so you can order from a place where you would usually eat in. The nice thing about dining at home is that you can choose what music you listen to and you can make it as fancy as you like with candles, a table cloth, and fine china. 


Add some great music to your special meal. If you like jazz, you can’t go wrong if you try a Pandora station based on Dave Brubeck's music! Make your significant other feel really special with a pretty bouquet of flowers to cap off a beautiful night.


Surprise Them in Your Absence

If you want to do something from the road to let them know you’re still thinking of them, consider leaving a Valentine’s note or a gift hidden at home and send your loved one on a scavenger hunt to find it. You can leave riddle clues at home or send them as text messages during a break from driving. This one takes a little creativity, but we can offer some suggestions:

Riddle #1: It’s the fragrance of morning. One that is the best part of waking up. 

Answer: Coffee canister

Riddle #2: Now that you’ve started your morning off right, this next clue will help you keep your toes toasty on this cold February Day.

Answer: Socks (sock drawer)

Riddle #3: Time for work! But how will you get there? Check where you might store a map and your surprise will find you.

Answer: Car glove box. Hide a small gift here.


Need an idea for a gift? How about a new pair of driving gloves or a gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant? Having the flowers or take-out dinner delivered in your absence would be an appreciated surprise as well.


Have Kids? Do Something Special for Them Too

Kids like to feel special on Valentine’s Day too. A sweet note left in their backpack, a special piece of candy, or a soft stuffed animal from their favorite truck driving dad or mom can go a long way in a kid's mind of feeling loved. 



At NTB, we understand that creating a special moment with a loved one is really important and takes planning, especially when your job keeps you away from home. We hope we’ve given some ideas to make a cold February day one you’ll enjoy and remember. Our guaranteed same two days home every week make it easier to know when you’ll be able to make time for a little celebration.


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