Driver Appreciation Week

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

We celebrate our drivers. . . during Driver Appreciation week and all year long!

Dear Driver,

• You move our food so we don't have to drive to Florida for an orange or to Georgia for a Peach.
• You move our clothes so we can have a selection from many different manufacturers all in one place.
• You move our recreational items so we can replace a fishing lure or kayak paddle when we need it.
• You move everything we need or want to sustain or entertain us.  
• You are a valuable asset to our economy.

Thank you NTB Driver!

Signed: Anybody who has ever purchased anything.

This week we celebrate our drivers with meals served by management staff. 

Our schedule:

Newport (5 pm-Midnight) 

Lansing (7 am-4 pm) 
Tipp City (4 pm-Midnight) 

Lansing (6 am-2 pm)
Tipp City (4 pm-Midnight) 

Lansing (7 am-4pm) 

Grand Rapids (7 am-4 pm)