Weighing Loads

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Weigh It!

We wanted to take a minute to remind drivers of the importance of following guidelines for weight, length, and bridge restrictions.

Scales are available for use at distribution centers and loads need to be weighed before your start moving. Even if the load looks good on the gauge, doesn’t feel too heavy, or you’re in a hurry—weighing your load is part of following safety guidelines and safety should always be your top priority.

Regardless of the circumstances, NTB does NOT want you running overweight. If there is not a scale at the customer’s facility, please weigh the load at the closest public scale possible. If you are overweight, notify dispatch immediately.

If you are picking up a split load, be sure to weigh it. Leave a copy of the weight ticket or a note with the weights listed so that the next driver knows exactly what they are getting. If nothing else, it is common courtesy for the next driver.

Overweight loads are costly. They cause extra wear on the equipment, lost time, cost of load reworks or transfers, and fines. Remember the cost of load reworks or transfers as well as fines are the responsibility of the driver, which is why it is crucial to get weighed.

Thank you, drivers, for making sure to follow weight guidelines and stop at scales when needed. Thank you for making safety your top priority!