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Getting Good Sleep While Being a Truck Driver

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Monday, July 8, 2019


Everyone has a unique sleep routine that makes them feel comfortable and safe. Whether you starfish out on your mattress at home or like to cuddle up tight with a teddy bear, here are some tips to make getting sleep on the road the way you like. 


How to Get Better Sleep 

● Location - Like real estate, our top tip comes down to location. Park your truck somewhere that is both quiet and safe. Minimizing outside noise and distractions will help you get better, deeper sleep. 

● Make it Dark - Close your curtains, draw your truck shades, and use an eye mask. Whatever it takes to convince your body it’s sleep time will help you fall asleep naturally. 

● Make it Quiet - Set your phone to “do not disturb” and consider using it only for “white noise.” Earplugs can also be useful to cut down on any ambient noise that might keep you awake. 

● Make it Comfortable - Invest in the things between you and the ground; your shoes, your tires, and your bedding. Consider upgrading your pillow, mattress, and blankets to whatever you find most comfortable. 

● Go to Sleep - This one sounds obvious, but once you’ve decided to sleep, put down the phone, the book, and the snacks. Count sheep, meditate, or just focus on your breathing, but don’t do anything other than go to sleep. 


Why to Get Better Sleep 

● Safety - At NTB, we pride ourselves on safety. Up to 13% of large truck crashes consider fatigue as a contributing factor. Getting high quality sleep means you are a safer driver when you’re awake. 

● Health - Sleep has shown to directly impact your immune system. If you want to stay healthy while out on the road, making sure you’re getting good sleep is a great first step. 

● Mood - A lack of sleep can cause a bad mood, grogginess, or even fatigue. You will feel a lot better and be a happier person if you’re getting the right amount of quality sleep. 


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