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How Difficult is it to Become a Truck Driver? It’s More About Being a Truck Driver

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Monday, August 31, 2020


So, you’re thinking about getting your CDL-A and starting a career in truck driving? It sounds great – the open road, new sights, and cities, the independence you’ll feel as you drive. While all of these benefits are part of it, there are some things you should consider to make sure you are a good candidate for a life on the road. 


Finding the right CDL school is a good first step toward that career goal of truck driving, but before you enroll, be sure to give the lifestyle of a truck driver some serious thought. 


Are You Able to Focus?

It’s easy to imagine happily bouncing along to your favorite song while cruising down the highway. It’s true that being behind the wheel can give a person a feeling of freedom, but there is also a whole lot of truth in the fact that a truck driver needs to be able to focus on the single task of getting safely from Point A to Point B for hours at a time. 


Having the ability to ignore distractions is a key component to maintaining focus. While maneuvering a truck, a person cannot multitask—even mentally. If you can keep your attention on driving for 11 hours over a 14-hour period, this job may very well be for you.


Making the Most of Hometime

Let’s be honest. Relationships are presented with some unique challenges when you are away from home five days and nights a week. Whether you are married, single, have kids, or simply have friendships to maintain, you’ll need to make sure to spend time with those you love. For drivers with families, this might include playing games, helping with homework, or going out for a bike ride or hike. 


Finding ways to connect while away from home is an important part of bridging the gap when physical distance is part of the job. We asked a few NTB drivers how they stay in contact with family and friends while on the road. The #1 answer we received was texting during non-driving time. Using phone apps like Facetime, Facebook, and Instagram are also valuable resources that drivers use to share their lives with loved ones while they are away from home. Then there’s the good old fashioned phone call to talk about your day and get news from home. 


Making Time to Get Things Done

When the week’s work is finished, many drivers report that getting chores out of the way soon after getting home helps them relax during the rest of their hometime. Tasks such as doing laundry, paying bills, and shopping for groceries are among the first things to get done. Getting rest in their own bed is also prioritized for a lot of NTB drivers. Day Two is then completely open to do something enjoyable with friends and family. 


All of this takes planning, so if you are a person who likes a schedule, this job might be for you. With NTB’s guaranteed same two days off every week, we make it easy for our drivers to settle into a reliable schedule.



Driving a truck is a performance-based business. The more you are on your game, the smoother your week will be. It’s also a career that is largely spent on your own. You’ll meet people who will become regular contacts that you enjoy having quick chats with and then you’ll be on to your next destination. This can be a great career choice for some people. Are you one of them?


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