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Regional Trucking Routes—Why NTB is the Family Friendly Option

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Monday, June 4, 2018

NTB started out as a long haul trucking service, but as customer demands changed, it made more sense to transition to be a regional carrier exclusively. Along with improved customer service, the advantages to drivers are real. Included in these benefits are more home time, lower expenses related to being away from home, and knowing the route you drive.


Family and Home Life

Truck driving and having family may seem like opposing lifestyles, but regional trucking accommodates  family time in a similar way to other jobs.

It’s no secret that the further you travel from home, the more time you spend away from your family and friends. Some long-haul drivers are on the road for weeks at a time. Short-haul and regional drivers make fewer personal sacrifices since they are home each week.

NTB offers drivers the same two days off every week—guaranteed 48 hours at a time. This schedule provides time for much needed rest between hauls, consistent time with family, and weekday hours to attend to personal activities such as banking, kids’ events, and hobbies.


On the Road Expenses

Less time on the road also means less money spent on the road. Short-haul drivers spend more time at home and less money on laundry and meals. Instead, they enjoy these everyday necessities in the comfort of their own home.  

With NTB’s schedule of 48 hours home every week, there is time for drivers to prepare meals to take on the road with them. See our previous blog posts for healthier alternatives to fast food and healthy snacks on the road. You will also be able to schedule laundry for when you are home, saving both time and money.


Do You Know the Way?

There are benefits of driving an area you are familiar with, which is often the case with regional truck driving for NTB.

Planning is made easier with regional routes that you know. Knowing your route will save you time and the hassle of looking around for driveways, loading docks, and places to eat. You will also be more aware of traffic backups due to construction. There will always be days of bad weather, but when you have an area you know, you will also know better how to navigate during inclement weather.


Are you interested in regional truck driving? If so, apply to be an NTB truck driver today.